My Lemon sugar cookies inspired by Lemons + Zest

I love lemony desserts but I’m no star baker, particularly in the cookie department. Lemons are always laying around my kitchen so I went rummaging through good ole Pinterest for some inspiration. I found Lorrie Yarro of Lemons + Zest’s small batch lemon sugar cookie recipe.

My Lemon sugar cookies inspired by Lemons + Zest

Her cookies look amazing period but these lemon sugar situations are addictive! I can never have just one ( I can clear 3 at a time). They were super easy to make and pretty fool proof. I also love how detailed she is with her directions. I feel guided through the process.

My shape and form are coming together every time I make a batch of cookies. At the rate I’ve been baking cookies, sis will be a pro in no time.

Although this isn’t helping my weight loss journey, my 2 workout days should knock these calories back! so give them a go.

Check out Lemons + Zest on Instagram, shes amazing.

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