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How to make Coleslaw the Right Way

Coleslaw is one of the most loved summer side dishes and so versatile. Bermuda Style coleslaw is sweet with a tangy bite and full of flavor. It’s one of the best versions you will try.

All Slaw is Not the Same

Living in the UK I have learned all slaw is not the same. The coleslaw here is a lot creamier and more mild in flavor. Truthfully, not a fan of the stuff at all.

On the contrary, Bermuda Coleslaw is similar to American and Caribbean versions where it is more vinegar based and sweeter with more emphasis on flavor.

Its all in the Sauce

There are a few key ingredients to making a great Coleslaw dressing:

  • Vinegar – Regular white vinegar does the trick, however you can play around with any versions you like.
  • Sugar – Keep it simple and use granulated or caster sugar
  • Mayo – Hellman’s is the BEST mayo, but any brand will do. Make this Vegan by subbing for dairy free versions.
  • Seasonings – The basics: salt, pepper and seasoning salt.

This combo makes a sweet creamy sauce with a nice bite from the vinegar. The key to Bermuda style slaw is to keep the dressing light and sweet.

Not Just a Side Dish

Sure, we know it compliments any BBQ meal, however try it on a burger or with fish like our Traditional Bermuda Fish Sandwich .

Bermuda Fish Sandwich
This fully loaded Bermuda style fish sandwich consists of Fried fish fillets, Cheddar Cheese, homemade tartar sauce and Coleslaw.

Storing the slaw

Kept in an air tight container, coleslaw can last for up to a week. The longer it sits the more marinated the flavors become as well.

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