Afternoon Tea Spread

Host an Afternoon Tea at home with these simple steps

Hosting a small afternoon tea is easier than you think. Follow these 3 simple steps and your on your way to a stress free event. 

Afternoon Tea Spread
This Afternoon Tea Spread is a great way to spend time with friends and family in the comfort of your own home.

This week I had the pleasure of hosting a Afternoon tea for two of my creative friends. No sit down dressed table, just a nice and casual pic and mix set up which included a few of my favorite recipes and a few new goodies.

The Menu:

These new Recipes will soon be up for you to enjoy!

Afternoon Tea is an experience

Afternoon tea is the traditional British experience. The first time I had Afternoon tea I was hooked!

A Traditional afternoon tea starts off with your tea of choice, followed by your 3 tier tower of goodies which includes: savory tea sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and jam and finally a sweet tier of tarts and cakes.

Nowadays, there are themed and modernized Afternoon teas making afternoon tea a more trendy social experience.

Hosting Your Own Afternoon Tea at Home

Afternoon Tea Spread
A Small Afternoon Tea Spread can feed up to 4 people.

With so many new government regulations and personal preferences of social distancing, hosting your own intimate tea party is a great way to keep up with friends and can be quite fun. The key to hosting any party is to be organized because who wants to be stressed?

Here are the 3 simple steps to a successful Afternoon Tea at home:

STEP 1: The Menu

Deciding what your menu will be can be daunting but once you figure out your key elements it makes everything come together quickly. 

For example, my latest afternoon tea had no theme however the key ingredient was blackberries. This allowed me to come up with recipes which used blackberries and or foods that complimented them. 

Don’t overthink it. Hit up Pinterest or Instagram for inspiration. That’s what they’re there for.

STEP 2: The Decor

Setting the scene is just as important for afternoon tea as the food. Not everything needs to be an extravaganza, unless your into that sort of thing. Simple DIY tricks can work wonders with setting up your tea party.

In the UK, they love to use stacked stands. The bottom tier holds the savories, the middle holds the scones with the desserts on the top tier.

No cake stands? No problem. Use a mug or bowl and a plate. Chopping boards work wonders too. Or keep it simple and just use plates.

You can amp up your table decor with flowers, candles and printed napkins.

STEP 3: The Prep

The final step is an important one. Prepping your meals a day or 2 in advance saves you time and helps to keep everything organized for the day.

Desserts can be prepared 2 days in advance and although sandwiches will need to be prepared the day of, the fillings can be done a day or 2 prior to the party.

Buying ready made products? Organize your prep station so that everything runs quickly and smoothly, then you can enjoy the party without any last minute hick ups.

Afternoon Tea at home
Afternoon Tea at home for a safer social experience.

Final Tea Party Check list

  • Ambiance – Be sure to set the scene with a good playlist, scented candles and flowers.
  • Plates and Cutlery – Having your plates, cups and cutlery ready is a must. If you decide to do table seating, set up your table the night before so all you need to do is add the food to the equation. Also ensure you have enough set aside for second helpings.
  • Be Ready – Time yourself so you can also be ready for when guests arrive. There is nothing worse than guest showing up and your still prepping!
  • More Please – Your guests may have such a good time they may want more.
  • Say Cheese! – Take time to capture the moment with a picture or two. It is always good to have a few good memories to look back to.

The last and final advise is to HAVE FUN! There is so many negative agendas being pushed throughout the news and socials we have to find ways to uplift our spirits and one another so please take some time to enjoy these special moments.

Afternoon Tea at home
Be organized. Be ready. Have fun!

Drop a comment blow and let me know what you think. If you decide to make any of my recipes leave me a comment or tag me on Instagram @myeagereats or hashtag #myeatereats .

I’d Love to hear from you!

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