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Finding Hidden talents in the midst of the Pandemic

COVID has been a blessing and a curse. With many losing jobs and others being put on furlough, we have seen an influx of creativity and new businesses come alive.

Being a creative, having worked in Graphic Design and Sales, it was very easy to fall into the logical side of business life with no actual creative outlet.

Finding Creativity During the Pandemic

After being made redundant at the beginning of lock-down, stay at home mom of a then 8 month old became my new job.

Working hard is all I personally have ever known. In this case, it has been an eye opener, in this case, discovering hidden talents.

Besides blogging, which is a full-time commitment in itself, the best creative outlet so far has been my new found hobby of cake decorating.

If you have been following the blog from a while you would have seen a previous POST of my daughters first birthday cake. Due to the pandemic we made a decision to make the cake myself to save money which resulted in a really positive feedback!

Consequently, I recently received my first cake order. This is a 3 layer Vanilla cake with Vanilla buttercream and white chocolate candy bits. Overcoming the challenges of smoothing the ombre and creating the drip effect were first of many accomplishments to come.

To Summarize, Life is really what you make it. Everyone has a talent its about utilizing the time given to discover a new hobby or what could possibly a new business venture.

Drop a comment blow and let me know what you think. If you decide to make any of my recipes leave me a comment or tag me on Instagram @myeagereats or hashtag #myeatereats .

I’d Love to hear from you!

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4 thoughts on “Finding Hidden talents in the midst of the Pandemic

  1. Shay,

    I know your relationship with writing, but let me tell you something… YOU HAVE A DAMN GIFT (well, many gifts)! This post has allowed us to have a sneak peek into the more personal aspects of your life that some of us may not have known about. It was very candid but also inspiring and I loved reading it, to be honest, I was upset when I got to the end.

    Seeing the blog come to life after our months of talking is truly inspiring, and sis, the cake is awesomeness, and if I hadn’t known that you were a novice, I would have sworn you were a pro.

    You have shown me that WE have the power to do anything we put our mind and hearts into and for that I will always be grateful. Keep dropping these gems Shay, we need it.

    Mesha x

    1. Thanks So So much Hy!

      It means a great deal coming from a seasoned writer/blogger like yourself!
      Pressure bursts pipes and I believe that firmly.

      Keep being great! and thanks for your kind words!

  2. This cake looks AMAZING!!! And you are 100% correct Covid19 is bringing or creating talents ability that were either lying dormant or allowing us to develop what we previously would have said we couldn’t.

    Love your posts and your culinary creations, please do keep sharing šŸ˜Š

    1. Thank You so much for your kind words!

      We can all use a boost in our creative journeys and sadly sometimes its situations like this that bring out the best of us.

      Thanks again for commenting and for following my journey!

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