summer recipes

Bermuda Cod Fish CakesBy sefordThis is no ordinary Fish Cake. Bermuda Cod Fish Cakes are more fish than potato using salted cod, fresh herbs and potato.
Shrimp Summer RollsBy sefordThese Vietnamese inspired rolls are fresh, light and filling. Just the kind of refreshing dish we need in this summer heat!
Blackberry Hoisin RibsBy sefordThis rack of ribs with Blackberry Hoisin sauce will be falling off the bone and right into your mouth. They are marinated with a dry rub and baked low and slow. The Blackberry Hoisin sauce adds that extra panache!
Spicy Mango Lime DressingBy sefordThis spicy mango lime dressing screams summertime. It's sweet, tangy, spicy and earthy. Its also vegan friendly and can be used as a dressing or marinade.
Asian Inspired SlawBy sefordNo need to run to the store with this is a super easy Asian inspired slaw using everyday ingredients in your kitchen
Hoisin Salmon burgersBy sefordSalmon patties are pretty popular option for summer meal, especially if your not into red meat. I'm gonna show you how I make my Hoison salmon burgers.
Bermudian Spanish RiceBy sefordBermudian Spanish Rice, similar to Mexican and Spanish Red Rice using Tomatoes, onions and peppers to create a super flavorful side dish.
Kale and Roasted Veg Salad: A must tryBy sefordThis Kale and roasted veg salad is a simple, hearty way to eat your vegetables. This is more of a fall salad but I love to prepare this all year round. Alter it anyway you like but the results are always Good!
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