Vegan Caesar DressingBy sefordThis Caesar Dressing is healthy mix of Cashews, nut milk and natural seasonings to create a super creamy guilt free sauce you can use on salads, pasta or as a dip.
Roasted Sweet Potato Halloumi SaladBy sefordThis deliciously nutritious salad features roasted sweet potato, Chopped Walnuts and pan seared Halloumi all over a bed of Fresh spinach.
Shrimp Summer RollsBy sefordThese Vietnamese inspired rolls are fresh, light and filling. Just the kind of refreshing dish we need in this summer heat!
Vegetarian cobb saladBy sefordThis vegetarian Cobb salad, made with roasted chickpeas and fresh seasonal produce is the perfect summertime lunch or dinner option.
Spicy Mango Lime DressingBy sefordThis spicy mango lime dressing screams summertime. It's sweet, tangy, spicy and earthy. Its also vegan friendly and can be used as a dressing or marinade.
Asian Inspired SlawBy sefordNo need to run to the store with this is a super easy Asian inspired slaw using everyday ingredients in your kitchen
Kale and Roasted Veg Salad: A must tryBy sefordThis Kale and roasted veg salad is a simple, hearty way to eat your vegetables. This is more of a fall salad but I love to prepare this all year round. Alter it anyway you like but the results are always Good!