Smoked Garlic Shrimp PastaBy sefordThis Smoked Garlic Shrimp pasta is super flavorful and filling with smoked garlic, fresh herbs, king prawns fresh lemon with linguini pasta.
Baked Mac N Cheese BitesBy sefordBaked Mac N Cheese Bites are a great way to use up those left overs and serve your family something new. Super easy to make and delicious, these are paired with homemade ranch dressing!
Baked Vegan Mac & CheeseBy sefordThis Vegan Mac and Cheese is rich and creamy made with Non Dairy cream, lemon juice, loads of seasonings, a mix of vegan cheeses and baked until golden.
Creamy Spinach Pasta ShellsBy sefordHere is how I make these delicious creamy spinach pasta shells in b├ęchamel sauce, using a roux made of butter, flour and milk.