Dairy Free

Creamy Lemon Pepper FishBy sefordThese Lean Fish fillets are pan seared and cooked in a rich and creamy Lemon pepper cream sauce using coconut milk and dairy free cream making it a lower fat and heart healthy meal.
Vegan Caesar DressingBy sefordThis Caesar Dressing is healthy mix of Cashews, nut milk and natural seasonings to create a super creamy guilt free sauce you can use on salads, pasta or as a dip.
King Fish in Coconut Ginger SauceBy sefordA quick and easy dish to make on a busy week night. Delicious king fish steaks are cooked in a creamy, spicy herb coconut ginger sauce.
Ital Cornmeal Porridge Vegan & GFBy sefordEnjoy this Fast, Dairy free, Gluten Free Breakfast made from fine Cornmeal, sweet spices and my condensed coconut milk made in under 7 minutes!
Caribbean Coconut CakesBy sefordThis Caribbean treat is vastly known by many names but one thing's for sure its one of the tastiest ways to eat coconut.
Vegan Condensed MilkBy sefordWhether your Vegan, lactose intolerant, or just need to take a break from dairy consumption, this is a great substitute and can be used in tea, coffee, cooking & baking. Its so close to the real thing!