Bermudian dishes

Bermuda Hot Cross BunsBy sefordSoft, flaky and deliciously Sweet Hot Cross Buns are made with only a few ingredients and perfect for you Fishcakes or for snacking.
BBQ Style Baked BeansBy sefordBBQ style baked beans are rich in flavor with a combination of sweet and savory and makes an amazing summer BBQ side dish.
Cassava PieBy sefordCassava Pie is a sweet but savory dish unique to Bermuda cuisine. Made from grated Cassava, sugar, eggs, chicken and broth and baked into a cake like dish.
Bermuda Cod Fish BreakfastBy sefordBermuda Cod Fish and Potato Breakfast is a traditional Bermudian Breakfast served on Sundays with Tomato or Butter sauce, Banana and Boiled Egg.
Caribbean Coconut CakesBy sefordThis Caribbean treat is vastly known by many names but one thing's for sure its one of the tastiest ways to eat coconut.
Bermuda Fried Fish SandwichBy sefordYou definitely will not want to eat an ordinary fish Sandwich again after trying A fully loaded Bermuda Fried Fish Sandwich. We use Local fish dusted in seasoned flour and fried until golden on the outside then layered with cheese, tartar sauce and coleslaw all between raisin bread.
Bermuda Cod Fish CakesBy sefordThis is no ordinary Fish Cake. Bermuda Cod Fish Cakes are more fish than potato using salted cod, fresh herbs and potato.
Bermuda Johnny CakesBy sefordBermuda Johnny cakes are a popular traditional bermudian breakfast snack. These sweet breads are cooked in a cast iron pan over the stove and served with butter and jam or cheese.
Baked stuffed Sea breamBy sefordThis light fish is stuffed with spinach, onions carrots and peppers. Baked sea bream is simple, healthy and all done in under 30 minutes.
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