Awesome sides

Curried Pumpkin RiceBy sefordCurried Pumpkin Rice makes a great one pot rice dish. This dish is full of flavor with fresh pumpkin cooked in a fragrant coconut sauce.
Baked Vegan Mac & CheeseBy sefordThis Vegan Mac and Cheese is rich and creamy made with Non Dairy cream, lemon juice, loads of seasonings, a mix of vegan cheeses and baked until golden.
Seasoned Yellow RiceBy sefordSeasoned Yellow Rice is packed with lots of veggies and cooked in a delicious curry vegetable stock broth for an amazing flavorful rice.
Curry Roasted PotatoesBy sefordCurry Roasted Potatoes are a super easy way to level up this popular side dish made from super flavorful seasonings and spices.
Lemon Pepper Brussels SproutsBy sefordThese Lemon Pepper Brussels Sprouts are sauteed with onions, garlic and Lemon Pepper. You will never hate Brussels sprouts again.
Bermuda peas n’ riceBy sefordMade with black eye peas, fresh herbs, butter and onions, Bermuda peas n' rice will have you reaching back in the pot for more.
Asian Inspired SlawBy sefordNo need to run to the store with this is a super easy Asian inspired slaw using everyday ingredients in your kitchen
Bermudian Spanish RiceBy sefordBermudian Spanish Rice, similar to Mexican and Spanish Red Rice using Tomatoes, onions and peppers to create a super flavorful side dish.
Kale and Roasted Veg Salad: A must tryBy sefordThis Kale and roasted veg salad is a simple, hearty way to eat your vegetables. This is more of a fall salad but I love to prepare this all year round. Alter it anyway you like but the results are always Good!