Afternoon Tea at Yumn Brasserie

So I’m 4 months postpartum and dying to get out. I had been craving afternoon tea for months (yes she has a weakness) and I was looking for something local. Croydon? yup! there are actually plenty of places serving good quality afternoon tea in the area. Here is my first encounter (and first review so bare with me). Here we go…

The beautiful chic decor at Yumn

AMBIANCE: If your looking for Instagram worthy, you got it here. The colors are bold and inviting with a mix of Blues, Gold’s and Greens. Pretty lush if i do say so myself. Its usually quieter in the afternoons so put on your best outfit and find a good place to pose.

SAVORIES: They had 4 different options of sandwiched in both white and wheat bread. My personal favorites to mention were the Grilled chicken salad with chopped onion in a turmeric mayo and the Roasted Veg which consisted of sweet peppers, onions and eggplant. I couldn’t stop eating! They also had chopped egg salad, grilled salmon salad and beef with mustard.

SCONES: They provided 4 mini scones with clotted cream and 2 types of jam; A fruit jam (they didn’t say what kind) and a fig Jam, which was my favorite.
The scones were a bit hard for my liking but the flavor was nice. I would have liked them a bit softer and a little larger.

Table view of Yumn’s tea set up

SWEETS: Their sweets were a mix of fruit cake, mini doughnuts and chocolate cakes.
They were a bit of an afterthought for me personally but I wish there was a menu to explain why they chose the options they had. I wish there was more variety as it all seemed to start tasting the same since nearly everything had chocolate in it.

SERVICE: Very accommodating staff, friendly and attentive. Only thing I wish they knew exactly what was being served. The first time I went the waiter explained what was being served ( I believe his name was Kevin), the second time I went the staff had no clue which is a no no in my opinion.

Overall, It’s a cute, quiet spot for Afternoon tea. What I would love to see is a little menu upon arrival so we know what will be presented. Also a list of teas offered as this was not offered either times I have been. Other than these minor things above I will be back again for tea and I do hear they have a great dinner experience so it’s a must.

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