Afternoon Tea at Conrad Hotel

So I have made Afternoon teas a “thing” for my birthday since 2018. Now with a newborn I kind of forgot to plan out my own Bday!

I guess its welcome to motherhood right?

I found the Conrad Hotel while reading about it on and decided to give it a go. They had really good reviews and usually do a themed tea all year round. This one was “On Broadway” featuring the current productions showcased around London.

Afternoon tea at the Conrad Hotel Victoria

A little elegant and a little posh. If your looking for somewhere cute, quiet and upscale I highly recommend this spot.

They had a standard offering of traditional flavored sandwiches on the bottom tier and some more interesting bites on the top tier. I enjoyed the wild mushroom, leek and cheese quiche and the prawn and lettuce mini salad in a brioche roll. They had an interesting tart made with figs and ricotta cheese but the flavors were lost for me and i wished it had more of a punch and some salt to enhance the fig and cheese.

The scones were lovely. Sweet and crisp on the outside and just right on the inside not much to talk about there.

Broadway themed tea cakes

The sweets were the highlight of their theme experience as they offered 3 teacakes that payed homage to top Broadway shows currently in London; Phantom of the Opera, Mary Poppins and The Lion King. My favorite cake was the Mary Poppins handbag with its blackberry puree center and crisp biscuit bottom. The Lion king cake came in second for me. I liked its whipped lemon filling and crispy tart shell. The illustrations were also edible which was cool. The cakes were exceptionally decorated, however I was not as impressed with the taste as i though i would be. The Lion King tart was too tart (go figure), and i love lemon but a bit too much extract in the jelly for me. The Phantom of the Opera was too safe, I honestly cant remember the flavor compared to the others, but thats just my opinion.

SERVICE: First of all, booking was simple. I called ahead and they were super accommodating. Make sure you book at least 24hrs in advance so they can set you all the way straight. We had 2 waiters serving us. Very professional and knowledgeable on their product, which is ace for me. Its on the fancy side so if you feel like being a little bougie this is the place.

Overall, it was a great experience. The tea selections were standard, the food overall was good and the staff were wonderful. I say give this place your money honey. I will definitely go back.

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