upside down apple french toast

Upside Down Apple French Toast Bake

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Whether it’s for Breakfast or Dessert This upside down apple french toast bake is one of the best things you’ll eat.

upside down apple french toast

French toast bake is really similar to a bread pudding. Matter of fact they are one in the same. What’s great about them both is they turn stale bread into a masterpiece.

Making Upside Down French Toast

First, Apples are cooked down in brown sugar and butter while brioche bread piece soak in a custard bath of eggs, milk, sugar and sweet spices.

After, the soaked bread is placed into the skillet on top of the cooked apples and put into the oven to bake.

Finally, the French toast bake is then flipped onto a plate and drizzled with a cream cheese glaze.

Choosing the Bread

Any Bread will work, but personally love brioche bread. The eggy texture is nice and light and tends to soak up the custard really well. Crusty loaves and dense breads also work really well.

upside down apple french toast

Skillet vs Baking Dish

Baking in a cast iron skillet is a personal choice. It find it gives nice crisp edges and its less clean up making it a 1 pan meal.

To note, there is no real difference its all about preference. A square baking tray is ideal for breakfast serving while a round shape is more ideal for dessert serving.

How to Make Upside Down Apple French Toast

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